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Message of Central Chairman of NPCIH Dr. Abdul Fatah Memon. We are working for Harmony and Interfaith for the past few years, however, at this stage we feel that it is a burning issue, not only in Pakistan but worldwide. Being a Pakistani I feel it is my social and moral duty to give assurance to the people of in my society especially where so many sectarian issues are seen to be rapidly arising & this situation can be very harmful for the solidarity of Pakistan. The image of the Pakistanis is falling increasingly therefore, it is compulsory to put a halt to this violence through peace and work for interfaith harmony. Being a chairman of NPCIH I am trying my best to bring awareness for this cause in whole nation. As well as this our organization is actively distributing many brochures, handouts & held many seminars, rallys & workshops for promoting peace messages through electronic and print media. Terrorism, corruption, law & order, extremism and Good Governance are burning issues all over the country at this present time. We need interfaith harmony amongst people and I am very much grateful to my Allah who had given me this golden chance to work and serve my nation for peace, love, prosperity of nation. I am happy to congratulate all my colleagues who have given me their full social, financial and moral support to make this noble cause possible. I and my team are working day & night to reinstate the peace, love & prosperity in the country. I am extremely thankful to the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari, who have give me this opportunity and selected me to work toward this noble goal of nation. I am trying my best to unite the people of Pakistan bringing together all backgrounds and Interfaith Harmony. I and my team are inviting all the scholars, bishops, priests, pundits, gurus of Sikhs and all other belonging to different areas of Pakistan to promote peace, love, prosperity & harmony through dialogues. We have arranged many public gatherings, peace, seminars, conferences and opportunities for dialogue to promote Interfaith Harmony.